Health Library and the EBSCOhost API

Retrieving Health Library content using the EBSCOhost API can be achieved through the use of the Info, Search and Browse methods. For most EBSCOhost API requests, you will specify a field code (e.g. ZT, AN) to indicate which field(s) will be targeted in the search in order to provide the most precise search results. All field codes specified must be in uppercase.

The Health Library How-To page will help you by offering applicable sample scenarios that you can use to configure your own applications.

Health Library Databases

The following list of databases names and their respective codes comprise the Health Library database.

  1. Health Library English (hlt)
  2. Health Library Spanish (hls)
  3. AHFS Consumer Medication Information English (lpe)
  4. AHFS Consumer Medication Information Spanish (lps)
  5. Health News English (nrcn)
  6. Health News Spanish (hns)

Using the EBSCOhost API

The EBSCOhost API supports the following methods for the Health Library databases:

Info: Returns database information for databases available to a profile.

Search: Performs a search and returns the results in multiple formats.

Browse: Browses a given index of a specific Health Library database.

Web Service Protocols

The EIT Web Service API is accessible by two different protocols:

Making Requests with REST

Making Requests with SOAP

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