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Making Requests with REST

EBSCOhost API can be implemented in a REST-like way. REST, or Representational State Transfer, allows data to be retrieved in many different ways, without the additional messaging layers SOAP requires. Before you can access the EBSCOhost API, you must have an EIT profile. To have this set-up, please contact your sales rep.

Using the EBSCOhost API is extremely easy. To begin, you simply need to know your username (a string made-up of your EBSCOhost Customer ID, Group ID, and Profile ID), and profile password for accessing. If you already have access to EBSCOhost API, and you do not know these values, please contact EBSCOhost Technical Support for assistance.

Using REST with the EBSCOhost API

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Making a REST call is as easy as making calls to the EBSCOhost API using a URL with GET variables. This is an example REST call to the EBSCOhost API:

	prof=[Your EIT Profile ID]
	&pwd=[Your Profile Password]
	&query=[Your Search Query]
	&db=[Database to Search]

The EIT Web Service API is always available at the following URL:


To use a method of the EBSCOhost API using REST, simply append a '/', and the name of the method you'd like to use. For example, if you'd like to perform a browse, the correct format would be:


To send parameters with your request, simply add them on to the end of the URL as variables. For example, to send a Browse request with the parameter "db" set, it would look as follows:


REST Authentication

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All requests to the EBSCOhost API require authentication. Authentication is also very easy; Just put your authentication details in variables in your request URL. For example, if you'd like to make an Info request with profile authentication:


This makes an Info request with "0123456" as the profile, and "password" as the password.

These are the available authentication parameters for the EBSCOhost REST API:

prof The profile used for authentication. This must be an EIT enabled profile. Required if using profile authentication. -
pwd The password used for profile authentication. Required if using profile authentication. -
authType Indicates if using IP Authentication or Profile Authentication.

Default: profile
No profile,
ipprof The profile used for authentication. Required if using IP authentication. -