Z39.50 Connection Information

Connection Information

  • Host Name: zgw.ebscohost.com
  • Port Number: 210
  • Target Information: custid.groupid.profileid
Note: This data is customer specific Where custid = Customer ID from EBSCOadmin, for target account

Where groupid = Group ID from EBSCOadmin, for target group

Where profileid = Profile ID from EBSCOadmin, for target profile Password: The password is located in EBSCOadmin under profile maintenance for the Z3950 profile only. If you do not have a Z3950 profile please contact technical support (eptech@epnet.com) to have this added. For best performance always use the z3950 profile provided for use with Z39.50 clients in EBSCOadmin in your Target Information. Note: Use of a password is not always required for connection via a Z39.50 client, but is necessary if the target profile contains a password

Suffixing the Target String for the Delivery of Full Text

As many EBSCOhost databases contain full text, you may want to suffix your target string so that this Full Text may be delivered in a format other than Marc 21, for example in SUTRS record format. The SUTRS record format supports delivery in plain text or HTML. To activate this formatted full text, simply suffix the end of your authentication string with the following: @SUTRS-HTML. Additionally, to retrieve Full Text already formatted in HTML (via a hyperlink), you should suffix your target string with the following: @FT-LINKS. Keep in mind that no MARC Full Text is ever displayed when this feature is enabled.

Database Short-names

For a complete list of database product codes, see

    EBSCOhost Database Short Names List (Product Codes)