What is SmartText searching?

EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service offer SmartText Searching, a natural language search strategy that allows you to enter as much text as you like for a search--a phrase, sentence, paragraph, or even whole pages.

How SmartText Searching Works:

  1. SmartText Search looks at the selection of text entered into the search box and first runs it through a sophisticated summarizer, identifying the main words/phrases in the text.

  2. SmartText Search uses those main words/phrases and queries them against the database, getting back a sorted list of the words/phrase that are most relevant as compared to that database's content. 

  3. Based on this result, a relevance weight is assigned to each word/phrase. 

  4. A search string is then built OR'ing the terms and their weights together, and a search is conducted against the database.

  5. A relevant Result List is returned.

ID: 3736
Topic: Interface Features
Services: EBSCOhost Research Interface, EBSCO Discovery Service
Link: http://support.ebscohost.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=3736
Updated: October 2014

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