EBSCO Audiobooks Download Manager - Installation & Troubleshooting

The topics on this page cover how to download and install the EBSCO Audiobook Download Manager software as well as how to change your device preference and troubleshooting.

Installing the Audiobooks Download Manager

In order to download Audiobooks and transfer them to a portable device, you must first download the EBSCO Audiobooks Download Manager software. You will be prompted to install the software the first time you download an Audiobook.

Note: If you are not prompted to install the Download Manager software when downloading an Audiobook and do not already have it installed, it can be installed by clicking the following links:

To install the Download Manager software:

  1. Click the Download link for an Audiobook.

    If Download Manager is not detected, you will be prompted to install it.

    Install Download Manager screen

  2. Click Save to PC or Save to Mac.

    The software installer file is saved to your computer.

  3. Locate the downloaded file named DownloadManagerSetup on your computer and click to open it.

    The Download Manager Set wizard appears.

  4. Click Install.

  5. Select your portable device preference: Transfer to Apple Device via iTunes or Transfer to Windows Media Player.

    The Download Manager software is installed to your computer.

  6. Click Close.

You can now begin downloading Audiobooks and transferring them to a portable listening device.

Note: In order to install the Download Manager software to a Windows-based computer, .NET Framework version 3.0 SP2 must be installed.

If you receive an error message prompting you to install the latest .NET Framework version, click here to install it from the Microsoft Download Center.

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Changing Your Audiobooks Device Preference in Download Manager

From the Audiobooks Download Manager, you can change your download preference to iTunes or Windows Media Player.

To change your device preference:

  1. Click the Preferences link at the top of the Download Manager.

    Change Preference

    The Preferences screen is displayed.

  2. Select your new device preference.

  3. Click Update.

    Note: If a download is in process, clicking Update will cancel it. Go to the Checkouts area of your folder to begin a new download reflecting your saved preference.

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Are you having issues with the EBSCO Audiobooks Download Manager software?

Before sending in a support request for issues with Download Manager, used by EBSCO Audiobooks, please take a moment to gather the following information before emailing support@ebscohost.com. The more complete the information you send us, the faster and more accurately we can triage your problem.

  1. Download Manager version installed on your machine.

  2. Operating system and version (Service pack number if you are running Windows).

  3. Download Manager log file for that day of the error.

    • This can be found at  C: -> Documents and Settings -> My Documents -> EbscoDownloadManager -> Logs
  4. Detailed steps for reproducing your issue.

  5. This should include:

    • Functioning persistent link if possible.
    • And/or EBSCOhost profile and personalization (My EBSCOhost) information.
    • Accession numbers (AN).
  6. Your browser version.

  7. Do you have a browser proxy enabled/configured?

  8. Net versions installed (Windows Only).

  9. Regional settings configured?

    • If yes what country/region.
    • Short date format.
  10. Transferring via Windows Media Player or iTunes and version of that software.

  11. Device type (Zune, Nano, iPhone, etc.).

  12. How much free space is on your device.

  13. Virus Protection Software you are running.

  14. Firewall or Proxy versions.

See also:

How can I find out if my computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in Windows 7 or Windows Vista?

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Why do I receive a .NET Framework error when trying to install the EBSCO Audiobooks Download Manager?

When installing the Audiobooks Download Manager software on a Windows-based computer, Windows must be running .NET Framework version 3.0 SP2.

You can upgrade your system to the latest version by clicking here to install it from the Microsoft Download Center.

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